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Content Warnings for this game include: Blood, Vampirism, Illness, Injury, Teeth, Hallucinations, Death, and Mental Illness.

For 2-5 players.


It’s 1 November, 1901. Invitations sit in your possession, scrawling handwritten notes with details about how to find a treasure beyond imagination; immortality.

Along the coast sits a castle, nestled well within the mountainous forests, jagged crags, and steep cliffs. Carved into the stone that overlooks the ocean and surrounded by forest, it sits ravaged by time. A Vampire Prince, as timeless as the castle itself, watches over the stones.

But that doesn’t stop you... It doesn’t stop you or The Guild.

But maybe it should.

Will there be a reward?
Or will there be ruin?


A game written for the Dark Forest Jam, using Trophy rules, about a Vampire Prince and his secret to immortality.

Players designated Guild Master should read the rules thoroughly first to get a sense of the game. These rules provide only a skeleton of an outline, and not a full story. The full story is made up by YOU, the players, in a collaborative gameplay style.

Included are PDFs for the Guild Master and Players, each with the Trophy SRD for reference under the section GAMEPLAY RULES.

Guild Master: Introduction, History, Full Sets, Monsters, Characters, and Rules.
Players: Introduction, History, Incomplete Sets, Monster Sheets, Characters, and Rules.


Get this game and 4 more for $3.50 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
70% Off
$5.00 $1.50 USD or more

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WelcomeToLucciCastle_GuildMaster.pdf 25 MB
WelcomeToLucciCastle_Player.pdf 25 MB
RichText_WelcomeToLucciCastle_GuildMaster.rtf 112 kB
RichText_WelcomeToLucciCastle_Player.rtf 78 kB

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